Civil Air Patrol membership offers many great benefits.  Attending a Squadron meeting is the first step in joining CAP.  All new members must attend a minimum of three weekly squadron meetings before becoming a CAP member.  Prospective members should contact the unit commander in advance due to base security (see below).

Cadets:  In California, the yearly dues for cadets are $40.00 and the first “Blues” Uniform is free.  The Cadet needs to purchase a “ABU” uniform and boots and shoes plus the patches and insignia.  Many of these items can usually be purchased inexpensively at the weekly Squadron meetings.

It is recommended to attend the meeting in the “black and whites” uniform (black dress pants, black dress shoes, and white collared shirt) prior to receiving uniforms.  We take pride in maintaining a professional appearance.

**Prospective Cadets: Please contact the cadet commander, Connor Hamnquist, at (760)685-1863**

Senior Members: There are multiple membership options for Senior Members.  The dues for a Senior membership are: Yearly dues $9, Senior Renewal $79, New Sponsor Member $30 and Sponsor Member Renewal $20

Seniors also have different options for uniforms, and the cost varies.

**Prospective Senior Members: Please call the squadron number at 760-896-4747**


There are three types of squadrons in CAP:

Senior Squadrons -Mission oriented with a program for adults only.

Cadet Squadrons – Tailored mainly for teenage cadets, with adults helping to supervise and run the youth program.

Composite Squadrons– These units feature a separate cadet program for youth and a senior program for adults*

*Squadron 47 is a composite squadron, offering both senior and cadet programs

For more information about joining CAP, visit the National web site.